Genealogy: From Family Tree to Family history: From Family History to Community History

I can help you discover more about your ancestors including where and how they lived and the social and political environment of the time.

Here are some examples of the sort of research which I undertake:

  • What was life like for an agricultural labourer and their family?
  • Why was your ancestor put in prison for a couple of years and what would conditions have been like?
  • Did your ancestor/s spend some time in a workhouse and how would that have been? Discover more about their Parish Workhouse, its history and how it functioned.
  • Did your ancestor serve in the police – I can help you discover something about what that would have been like and perhaps information on them or their service.
  • Was your ancestor involved in the First World War? I can search for you at the National Archives or Service/Regimental Museum.
    Discover more about your Salvationist ancestors. Were you or they born in the Mothers’ Hospital? Was your ancestor a beneficiary of their Social Services in East London?

I undertake this sort of bespoke research on an hourly basis. Do get in touch so we can clarify what you want to discover and scope out he work.