Colin researching the Blues and Royals 1970s
Colin researching the Blues and Royals early 1970s

CFL Genealogy was founded by Colin F. Locock Pg.Dip with the intention of providing a reliable and affordable professional genealogy service to families and individuals. Colin understood that his expertise in Social History would be an excellent adjunct to this family history research, enabling him to apply context, depth and understanding to the lives of those who lived before him.

CFL Genealogy is your first choice for general Family History/Family Tree type research across the UK and specialist/bespoke research according to your needs. Our specialist expertise includes the Social History of the Victorians – philanthropy, poverty and institutions – including the workhouses and asylums of London, Middlesex and the Midlands as well as the history of the Salvation Army in East London.

Colin is a member of the Police History Society and a historian of London’s Metropolitan Police and the British Transport Police. We can undertake specialist archival research if your ancestor was a Salvationist or a Police Officer – or even both! Colin has an interest in the history of the Royal Navy from the mid-Nineteenth Century to the 1930s, and has worked with The National Archives on their ambitious World War 1 Crewlist Project and has access to those researching World War 2 Merchant Convoys. He has also undertaken research in the Birmingham archives for the makers of the BBC’s Who do you think you are? TV programme.

Colin began researching his own family tree in the early 1990s through numerous visits to St. Catherine’s House in London’s Aldwych and the old Public Record office in Chancery Lane, Holborn. The results included a fledgling history his branch of the Locock, Laker and Coomes families as well as an impressive physique and eye strain from fetching and carrying heavy index binders and reading microfiche film for hours on end! In 2016 Colin completed research on his paternal grandfather’s (William Laker MM) First World War army service and award of the Military Medal with thanks and much gratitude to Chris Baker at